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Colorado Springs' Best Fundraiser!


What is BOGO Blue Fundraising?


16 oz. quality candles in Keepsake Tins (no glass means no breakage!), with 60-80 hours of burn time, original scents, lead-free cotton wicks, and produced locally in Colorado Springs!

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BOGO Blue Card

Accordion-style fold out coupon card (over 70 offers) from Pikes Peak area restaurants, shopping, and entertainment venues!

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Frozen Foods

Pre-portioned cookie dough, cheesecakes, cinnamon rolls, pumpkin and red velvet rolls, braided bread, pretzels, churros, and much more!

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2022 BOGO Blue Cards Available!

2022 BOGO Blue Cards have one full year of validity, at over 80 merchants in the Colorado Springs area. Shipping and handling is free, and orders are shipped within two business days of ordering. Grab your BOGO Blue Card today. Thank you!


Fall 2021 Fundraising Season Will Be Stronger Than Ever

I'd like to thank all of our great fundraising groups, as well as our merchants, for keeping their chin up in the face of covid adversity. This past year was tough for groups trying to fundraise AND for restaurants! We are working harder than ever to put together our best BOGO Blue Card ever, so that fundraising groups can be proud to sell the BOGO Blue Card in Colorado Springs. If your school, youth sports team, non-profit group, or anybody else is interested in the quick, easy BOGO Blue Card, reach out to James today at 719.640.2056. Thank you!


2020 2021 BOGO Blue Cards debut today!

Our 13th year could have been unlucky, but our printer, graphic designer, and 80+ merchants persevered, and we have a tremendous Pikes Peak area discount card ready for fundraising and distribution! Colorado Springs' BOGO Blue Card retails for $15 this year, with 50% going back to schools, youth sports groups, and non-profit organizations that fundraise with the card. Help support local entertainment venues, restaurants and eateries more than ever with the BOGO Card, by patronizing great places like Rookies Taphouse in Mesa Ridge, Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant in Falcon, Cherokee Ridge Golf Course on South Powers, or Kangaroo Coffee all over town. And if you'd like to give your group's supporters a valuable fundraising product, contact James at 719.640.2056 to get set up for this fall.


Spring Fundraiser

Groups that fundraise with us typically choose either fall or spring, and we have a number of great non-profit groups already starting in February. Before families get busy with summer vacation plans, February through April is a fantastic time to consider fundraising. Call James at 719.640.2056 to set up your youth sports fundraiser, school fundraiser, or other non-profit fundraiser. Thank you!


BOGO Blue Cards for 2020!

This year's BOGO Blue Coupon Cards are valid through Dec. 31 2020, and feature all of the great Colorado Springs' area restaurant and entertainment coupons that you've come to expect. With a full 12 months of validity remaining, there is plenty of savings left at Dutch Bros Coffee, Carls Jr, Cold Stone, Monarch Ski Resort, Overdrive Raceway, and so many more. Purchase for the New Year, with no shipping and handling charges. Thank you!


New Colorado Springs' Based BOGO Blue Card Has Debuted!

Great news! Our printer, graphic designer, and 85+ merchants knocked it out of the park this year, enabling us to debut the new BOGO Blue Card earlier than we ever have. Many of our customers' favorite Pikes Peak area coupons are still on the BOGO Card, including Dutch Bros Coffee, Monarch Ski Resort, Colorado Switchbacks, Del Taco, Carls Jr, Bubba's 33, and more. Be on the lookout for some great non-profit groups fundraising with the BOGO Card in the next couple of months. And of course, you can always buy online if your paths don't cross!


New 2019 2020 BOGO Card Debuts in July!

We've been busy putting together the new 2019 2020 BOGO Blue Card, and we are excited for its debut. Some of your favorites, like Dutch Bros Coffee, Monarch Ski Resort, Carl's Jr., Bubba's 33, Patty Jewett Golf, and many others are still there. And of course we are adding new entertainment and restaurant coupons, including Overdrive Raceway, Mi Mexico, Cole's Gourmet Popcorn, Crazy Brothers Diner, and Hungry Howie's Pizza. BOGO Cards are used as fundraisers by schools, youth sports groups, and other great non-profits here in the Pikes Peak area. Look for the cards this July, and all throughout the autumn. Thank you!


Purchase your 2019 BOGO Card now!

Even though the 2019 BOGO Card debuted a few months ago, now is a perfect time to buy. With 12 months of validity (valid through Dec. 31, 2019), the 90+ coupons and discounts at local Colorado Springs restaurants and entertainment venues are incredible. We hear from our customers all the time that they make up their $10 in just a few visits. Purchase online today, or from some of the great non-profit groups here in the Pikes Peak area. Thank you!


$10 Coupon Card Fundraiser Makes Great Christmas Gifts

What? A gift idea with tons of value, for only $10? This year's Colorado Springs BOGO Blue Card is packed with 90 restaurant and entertainment coupons, and is a fundraiser your school group, youth sports team, or other non profit group can be proud of. Instead of over-priced wrapping paper or jewelry, you should be calling James at 719.640.2056. Raising money with no risk (all sales are on consignment) is key. Thank you, and Happy Holidays!


Two BOGO Blue Card Eateries Expanding!

Skirted Heifer (204 N Tejon St and Ruffrano's Hell's Kitchen Pizza (3 locations both just announced they are opening another location. Ruffrano's is opening its fourth location in the Kwik Inn in Security Widefield, and Skirted Heifer is opening a second location at the new Dublin Commons at 5935 Dublin Blvd. Both of these fine eateries have coupons on this year's Colorado Springs BOGO Blue Card (along with 88 other restaurant and entertainment venue discounts). Purchase our card today, or fundraise with the card, to support your school, youth sports group, or non-profit. Thank you!


Need a Colorado Springs fundraiser for your school, youth sports group, or other non-profit?

Raising money with the BOGO Card is simple-put a 2019 BOGO Blue Card (valid through Dec. 31, 2019) into your supporter's hand, accept their $10, and be on your way. Avoid delivery logistics, overpriced commodity items, a second customer visit, taking orders, and melted frozen food. Your supporters will thank you for offering a truly valuable product, and you will be proud of what you’re selling. Set up your fundraiser before Thanksgiving to optimally raise funds for your school, youth sports group, or other non-profit group. Thank you! Call James at 719.640.2056 to get started.


2018-2019 BOGO Blue Card debuts for the Colorado Springs fundraising season!

Going into our 11th year, the BOGO Blue Card is ready for schools, school clubs, youth sports teams, and other great non-profits, to begin fundraising with, in Colorado Springs. Switchbacks Soccer offers an all-new Buy One Get One coupon. All of your old favorites, including Dutch Bros Coffee, Cold Stone, Rita's Italian Ice, Rizutos Ice Cream, and Texas Roadhouse are back with their discounts as well. Contact James today at 719.640.2056 to get your fall fundraiser scheduled. Thank you!


Planning for your fundraisers, for next fall

Colorado Springs has a lot of options for fundraisers, whether for schools, youth sports groups, churches, or any other non profit. Restaurants, and specifically saving money on restaurant purchases, is something that everybody loves. Your group can be proud to fundraise with the Colorado Springs' BOGO Blue Card, saving your supporters tons of money. Contact James today at 719.640.2056 to set up your upcoming fall fundraiser.


The Coffee Exchange coupon and latest news

I came across an exciting April 4 article from the Colorado Springs Independent, on The Coffee Exchange and Bella's Bakery future. Check out The Coffee Exchange's coupon, along with 90 other Colorado Springs' area merchant discounts, on this year's BOGO Blue Card. Thank you!


4KidzSports, our Community Sponsor, Wins Fisher DeBerry Service Award!

This year, 4kidzsports was the proud recipient of the Fisher DeBerry 2017 Celebration of Service Award for Support of Youth in Colorado Springs. We are very proud of this accomplishment. Please join me in congratulating 'Sherm' and his 4kidzsports non-profit, for contributing richly to the kids in our community!


Monarch Ski Resort just received 8" of snow!

Get the best deal in Colorado, by purchasing the BOGO Blue Card for $10 (either online or by any number of great organizations fundraising with it in town). Included on this year's BOGO Card is the $49 Monarch lift ticket, along with 90 other great restaurant and entertainment venue coupons for the Colorado Springs area. It is a coupon card that you will make your money back on immediately. Thanks a lot!


September is the best fundraising month of the year

Happy September! Groups that are fundraising this month are happy because they know that September is the best month of the year to fundraise in. And this year's BOGO Blue Card makes for a great fundraiser-no risk, low retail cost, 50% profit margin, and a product that people actually want! Contact James today at 719.640.2056 to set up your school, youth sports group, or other non-profit fundraiser.


The 9th Annual BOGO Blue Card debuts next week!

Going into our 9th season, the BOGO Blue Card will debut next week, with some exciting new Colorado Springs' area merchant coupons. Wingstop, Marilyn's Pizza, Bella's Bakery, Springs Trampoline Park, Rita's Ice, Antler Creek Golf Course, Kapow Comics, Shri Ganesh, Coffee Exchange, Building 3 Coffee, and Schnitzel Fritz will all be joining the new card, and we are excited to have them participating! The card still sells for $10, and is a great fundraising idea for youth sports groups, schools, non-profits, and others. Contact James today at 719.640.2056 or at to get your group scheduled. Thank you!


Colorado Springs restaurant coupons make a great fundraiser!

If you are looking for a quick and easy fundraiser, your friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family will wholeheartedly support you with the $10 BOGO Blue Card. Making their $10 back after just a couple of purchases is a great feeling, and supports your Pikes Peak area cause as well! Check out our 95 restaurant and entertainment discounts on the Buy/View The BOGO Card tab. And to begin your fundraiser today or schedule for next fall, call James at 719.640.2056!


Last fundraising push before summer!

Spring Break and Easter are coming up, making this one of the last great chances to begin your BOGO Card fundraiser, before summer. The Colorado Springs' based BOGO Card now has 95 restaurant and entertainment coupons and discounts included, making it an excellent value for your supporters, for just $10. Call James at 719.640.2056 to get your school or youth group or non profit started fundraising today. Thank you.


Celebrate 2017 and Fundraise at the Same Time!

Celebrate 2017 in Colorado Springs by going out to eat or recreate, while at the same time making money for your non-profit cause. This year's BOGO Blue Card is valid through Dec. 31, 2017, sells for $10 (50% profit goes back to your group), and contains some great Pikes Peak area coupons, including Bubba's 33, Great Harvest Bread, Rocco's Italian, the Mason Jar, and many other great restaurants. Plus, get your 2 for 1 Monarch lift tickets, Air Force Basketball games, Dart Warz, and SkyZone coupons from the BOGO Card as well. Contact James at 719.640.2056 to begin your school's, athletic group's, church, or animal rescue group fundraiser today.


Restaurant coupons for Colorado Springs!

If you live or work in the Colorado Springs area, picking up a BOGO Blue Card for $10 is a no-brainer. Save money at 95 restaurants, entertainment venues, and good and services retailers, including Dickey's Barbecue Pit, Cold Stone, Del Taco, Great Harvest Bread, Jason's Deli, Pita Pit, Popeyes, YoYogurt, Monarch Mountain Ski Resort, Air Force Academy Basketball, Dart Warz, Plato's Closet, and so many more (click on the Buy/View the BOGO Card tab to see all 95 offers). Purchase online, or through dozens of the fine organizations that are fundraising around town. Thank you!


New 2016 2017 BOGO Cards have debuted!

Dart Warz, Dickey's BBQ, Pikes Peak Ziplines, Great Harvest Bread, Rocco's Italian, and other great Pikes Peak area merchants have been added to this year's BOGO Blue Card. We now have 97 fantastic Colorado Springs coupons and discounts, all for just $10. Non-profit groups love fundraising with the card because of the no-risk, 50% profit aspect. Contact James today at 719.640.2056 to get started fundraising!


Last chance to fundraise before Summer!

This year's BOGO Cards are valid through Dec 31, 2016, and we're in the final stretch of the school year and fundraising season. Call (719-640-2056) or email ( James today to get your school, youth sports team/league, or non-profit group started today.


Jamba Juice, Jason's Deli, and Joey's Pizza in January

The letter of the month is 'J'! Buy 2 Smoothies, Get 1 FREE at Jamba Juice. Buy an Entree, Get an Entree for HALF OFF at Jason's Deli. Buy Any Large Pizza, Get a FREE Order of 1/2 Dozen Garlic Knots at Joey's Pizza. These Colorado Springs coupons, plus 85 more, appear on this year's BOGO Blue Card. Fundraising with the card is fast, easy, and profitable, because co-workers, friends, neighbors, and family members make their money back quickly. Contact James at 719.640.2056 to set up your school or youth group fundraiser today! Thank you