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Coupon Card Fundraising

Our BOGO Blue Fundraising Program

With over 80 Pikes Peak area restaurant and entertainment discounts on the BOGO Blue Card, this is the best value in Colorado Springs. Fundraising with the BOGO Blue Card is quick, easy, and profitable. Your co-workers, neighbors, friends, and family will be excited to purchase a $10 coupon card that they make their money back on immediately!


People love BOGO Blue because they save money each time they use it.


In just 2-3 weeks, your group can raise lots of money. And because we’re locally owned and operated, we can meet with you and set up a fundraising campaign with little notice.

High Profit!

Your group makes 50% profit on each BOGO Blue sale. No shipping/set-up charges, no minimums, and no change in profit based on your group size or order.

No Risk!

There is never an up-front cost. BOGO Blue Cards are sold on consignment, which means you only pay for the cards that are sold, after you sell them.


BOGO Blue Cards are appreciated by co-workers, neighbors, family, and friends because they save people money on their everyday purchases.

Great Rewards!

Our local fundraising expert will work with your group to create a customized rewards program. Our motivational rewards range from VIP lunches/ice cream parties to whitewater rafting trips.

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Your earning potential

The chart below illustrates the 50% profit ($5.00 per sale per card) your group can make with our BOGO Blue fundraising program.
BOGO Card fundraisers: BOGO Card fundraisers


"BOGO Blue was a fantastic fundraiser for our school- the staff at BOGO Blue were so helpful and easy to work with! The value of the cards made it a very easy sell and the kids were so excited about the rewards program! Thanks BOGO Blue- we look forward to working with you again!"
Fundraising Chair
Stetson Elementary School

"Our organization enjoyed working with James and the BOGO Cards because of the no-nonsense 50% profits, sales on consignment, and most importantly, our ability to return any unsold cards, even if they are damaged."
Mary Barker
Fundraising Co-Chair
Centennial Skating Club

"This year with our growth, we looked around for an easy way to make extra money. After talking with Mr Sack, I was sold. These BOGO Cards sell themselves. We have already decided to make this an annual fundraiser for our troop. We could not have been more pleased-thanks James for an awesome job!"
Christopher Laberteaux
Assistant Scout Master
Boy Scouts

"James Sack is a great professional to work with! His knowledge and understanding of the fundraising business is incredible! He is currently helping us at the National Association of Real Estate Professionals Colorado Springs Chapter ( generate the funds necessary to help us achieve our 2009 goals. I highly recommend James and will continue to refer my clients and non profit organizations to him."
Roger Hernandez
Board Member
National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals

"James went above and beyond to give our group support, from offering presentations on how to sell the BOGO cards to designing personalized fundraising signs. Did I mention James is flexible with scheduling with NO upfront costs involved?! I can't recommend James or his creative product enough!"
Melissa DeSutter
Community Relations Manager

"Since the day I met James, he never failed to impress me with his drive and work ethic. James is honest and passionate about everything he does. He is a leader that excels at building strong client relationships. I am honored to know James and privileged to have an opportunity to work with him."
Tonya Hall
Account Director for Emerging Business Sectors & Technologies
Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce

"As a teacher who travels with students and a youth soccer coach, I have done my share of fundraising. Bogo Blue Fundraising is as easy as it gets and it is a real value. There is no waiting to get your group's money and you can sell knowing that the people helping your group will easily retrieve their investment. It is especially reassuring working with James Sack because he is such a person of integrity that loves to get behind a big project."
Bill Cunningham
Japanese and Spanish language teacher, soccer coach
Millard North High School