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Candles Fundraising

Our Candle Fundraising Program

Citrus Blast, Lilac Blooms, Lavender Fields, Lemon Pound Cake (Spring brochure) and Peppermint, Cinnamon Stix, Sugar Cookie, Creamy Vanilla (Winter brochure); these are just some of the tremendously scented candles that are offered in our candle program. Rest assured – our candles come in a keepsake tin, with soy/vegetable wax and cotton wicks. This means no breakage and the highest quality candles in the fundraising business!


Weighing in at 16 ounces with a cost of $15, our candles boast average burn times of 60-80 hours.


Unlike glass containers that can break, our tin keepsake containers are safe for your group members.

Fast & Easy!

Campaigns are 2-3 weeks, delivery is pre-sorted in each group member's name, and profit is guaranteed at 33%. No shipping/set-up charges, no minimums, and no change in profit based on your group size or order.


Wicks are cotton and lead-free, and our soy-vegetable wax burns cleanly and consistently.


All candles are lovingly hand-poured right here in Colorado Springs. These are a product that your group can be proud to sell, and that co-workers, family, friends, and neighbors will want to buy.


Winter Holiday/Christmas and Spring/Easter brochures, with 12 tried and true scents offered in each brochure.

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Your earning potential

The chart below illustrates the 33% profit ($5 per sale) your group can make with our candles fundraising program.
Fundraising Chart


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Holiday Candles

Spring Candles


"Wow, I can’t get over how nice your candles burn."

"Burn so evenly. I’ve never had a candle that doesn’t leave a lot of wax on the sides of the jar."

"Labels are so adorable, I would probably buy these little devils just for the cute factor."

"Another fun find. The candles, though they are cute, clever, and a bit humorous, do not kid around when it comes to scenting."

"Easy-no maintenance involved. They made a full melt pool with no soot and no wick trimming. Brainless. I love it!"